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The Slovak Geographical Society of the SAS is the voluntary selective association of scientific and specialised researchers in geography and the related disciplines


New Impulses in Regional Development of the Central Europe Area
20th International Geographical Conference
October 10-11 2012, Nitra, Slovakia
announcement (PDF)

UGI 2011
UGI 2011
Regional Geographic Conference of the International Geographic Union (UGI)
November 14-18 2011, Santiago, Chile

IGU 2012
IGC Cologne 2012 - DOWN TO EARTH
The 32nd International Geographical Congress
August 26-30 2012, Cologne, Germany
2nd Announcement (PDF)

EUGEO 2013 - Europe. A land between 5 seas
The fourth congress of EUGEO, the association of European geographical societies
Rome, Italy

EUGEO 2011 - Geography's stake in Europe: People, environment, politics
The third congress of EUGEO, the association of European geographical societies
August 29-31 2011, London, United Kingdom

15th Congress of the Slovak Geographical Society

"Social Relevace of Geography"
September 8-11 2010, Košice, Slovakia
1st Announcement  (PDF)

EUGEO 2009
"Challenges for the European Geography in the 21st Century"
Second International Congress on the Geography of Europe
August 13-16 2009, Bratislava, Slovakia
1st Announcement  (PDF)

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